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  • QWhat is my budget? Where is my work located ? How much time are we willing to spend on commuting ?If you have kids, where you find schools?
    Based on a needs assessment and housing budget, we will be able to identify houses and/or apartments and schedule appointments for viewing. NestFinder consultants will explain the positive and negative aspects of each property and area. Negotiations of the lease will be included and every attempt will be made to negotiate favorable leasing terms for the client and assignee.
  • QWhere To Live As Expat In Beijing?
    Easy access to Western amenities can make living in Beijing more convenient for expats. This is why you will find most foreigners clustered in areas where the Western shops, restaurants, bars and cafes are. The highest concentration of expats is in the Chaoyang district and Dongcheng district in the East of the city center and in Shunyi a bit farther outside, closer to the Airport. You will of course find foreigners living in many other parts of Beijing, just the amenities are concentrated in Chaoyang,Dongcheng and Shunyi because that is where the most expats are.
  • QWhen should I begin the house hunting process?
    We suggest that you start searching for a place one or two months before your desired lease commencement date.If you start house hunting too early, generally landlords will not agree to hold their properties for you, thus diminishing the chance of negotiating the best lease rates for you.
  • QIs it possible to view an Apartment before renting?
    We would also highly recommend viewing apartments for longer stays of 30+nights.
  • QHow can you offer such great rates?
    We have excellent and well established relationships with our property partners and rent high volumes of room months. This means that we’re always offered the best possible rates which we’re subsequently able to pass on to you.
  • QDo I have to pay a deposit? What's the rent payment terms?
    For rent, payment can often be made on a monthly basis in advance.  In addition to rent, the property owner usually requires a refundable deposit of 1 ,2 or 3 month rent.
  • QIf I decide to rent an apartment, do I make payment to you or direct to the residence?
    Yes. The site is solely dedicated to getting the best quotes for our clients. Help clients negotiate the price and sign the lease. You pay the residence directly. We obtain the quotes on your behalf .
  • QIs my deposit refundable if I change or cancel my lease?
    This depends on the residence, but in many cases, part or all of your deposit will not be refundable, yes.
  • QWhat is the payment options ?
    Payment is usually done through a bank transfer either from your foreign account or from your Chinese account. Propety owner will accept cash , bank transfer or credit card .
  • QWhat is Fapiao and do I need it?
    Fapiao is an official tax receipt in China which is issued by the local tax authorities. Corporate clients always require Fapiao for tax clearance, but for a personal lease, it may not be necessary unless your company needs it for accounting purposes.